Daylight Saving Time

For software version onwards, the DATAssure™ base station has the capability to change the time automatically, for Daylight Saving.


Route to edit Daylight Saving Time; SETTINGS => SITE SETTINGS => SYSTEM SET-UP => Edit => British Daylight Saving.

To use daylight savings, toggle the button from Off (default) to On, then click Submit.


Drawback of Using Daylight Saving

Daylight savings changes the DATAssure™’s recorded data time by advancing and retarding the time by 1 hour, in the spring and autumn.

When the clocks go forward in spring there will be a one-hour gap in data on graphs and reports.

When the clock goes back in autumn the hour's data will be over-written and lost, it cannot be seen on reports or graphs. Alarms that occurred within the over-written hour will still be recorded in the alarm log.

Ensure the effects on recorded data are understood and seriously considered before using daylight saving on a base station. Data lost through the use of this function can never be recovered.

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