CryoMACS Bags

CryoMACS® Freezing Bags consist of a freezing bag and a corresponding overwrap bag. Each freezing bag with its overwrap bag is individually packed and sterilized. An additional outer package can be disinfected. The filled freezing bag with its overwrap bag fit into the relating storage cassette. Both the freezing bag and the overwrap bag are made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) tubular film.

The freezing bag is equipped with extra long EVA tubing for drawing quality control samples out of heat-sealed tube sections. The tubing is provided with luer connectors, roller clamps and an injection port. The EVA tubing and injection port are DMSO-resistant. Two ports with sealed, twist-off protective caps minimise the risk of nitrogen ingress into these ports. Each CryoMACS® Freezing Bag includes a label pouch and the imprinted lot number. Available volumes range from 50 to 1000 mL (recommended fill volumes 20 to 270 mL).

  • Benefits +

    CryoMACS® Freezing Bags are for cryopreservation applications at ultra low temperatures.

    The CryoMACS® Freezing Bags are intended for a single cycle of freezing, storage (down to -196°C), and subsequent thawing (at 37°C) of hematopoietic progenitor cells. The corresponding overwrap bag protects the freezing bag and the stored blood product.

  • Features +

    • The overwrap bag provides extra security by protecting the CryoMACS® Freezing Bag and stored blood product, while maintaining sterility and preventing contamination risks during storage.
    • Single, sterile packaging: each CryoMACS® Freezing Bag and corresponding overwrap bag is individually packed and sterilized.
    • The filled CryoMACS® Freezing Bag including its overwrap bag fits into the corresponding storage cassettes—more safety does not require more storage space.
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