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The Dynamic Targeting System (DTS) option for the LYKOS laser represents the next generation of clinical lasers for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Advanced Targeting Features

When DTS is enabled, you may choose one of several options to create the laser path:

  • Single Shot: Click any single point on the screen and a single laser pulse will be applied to that exact point.
  • Line / Curve: Draw a straight line of any length and then select and drag to create a curve.
  • Freehand: Any freeform path may be drawn by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer.
  • Multipoint: Click up to 10 non-connected locations to apply laser. Each point may have a different laser setting.
  • Rectangle: Click and drag to draw a rectangle of any proportion. 

Once the path is drawn, it may be selected, resized, and repositioned as needed. Depending on the selected mode, the laser pulse, power and/or spacing may be adjusted with the changes immediately reflected in the laser path on the screen.

Built-in Quality Control Reporting

Quality control is a vital part of laboratory procedure. The DTS positioning can be easily verified prior to use and the results of the verification saved. With the built-in quality control reporting, you can view the results of the daily verification in both numerical and graphical form. In addition, a Trend Chart lets you see the results over a selected period of time.

Packed with Benefits

The LYKOS® with DTS laser product still provides all the benefits and features you will find in the rest of the Hamilton Thorne laser range. These include:

  • Simple and Easy to Setup - no complicated installation and alignment procedure requiring engineer visit, reduces down time and costs from service visits. Can be sent to factory for repair/calibration no site visit needed.
  • Minimum exposure time – the HT lasers are fitted with a 300mW laser which can be fired for as little as 1 µS which reduces the exposure time and heat required to achieve the required result minimising exposure of the embryo outside of the target  area to damaging heat
  • Precise – Red-i targeting feature is supplied as standard allowing visualisation of laser target through the microscope eyepieces ensuring the laser fires exactly where required without any detrimental effects on the embryo
  • No Loss of Microscope features - keeps microscope ports free - enables microscope to remain fully functional for other applications, reducing equipment costs from having a microscope dedicated to laser work
  • Easy to use - Hands Free operation freeing users hands to control micromanipulator providing better control
  • Portable - due to easy installation and setup can be switched from microscope to microscope simply and easily. or remove completely when not required
  • Accuracy- Seamless Video and image transfer provides clear high quality video and images in real time with no lagging, intermittent motion or resizing required allowing user to be more accurate and precise with laser operation
  • Closed System – Unlike the majority of laser systems used in ART the LYKOS® and LYKOS® DTS laser is full enclosed in the optic housing preventing contamination from dust or humidity
Product description
Product code
LYKOS-DTS 40X Laptop computer Digital FHT740531
LYKOS-DTS 40X Desktop computer Digital FHT740532
LYKOS-DTS 40X No computer Digital FHT740533
Case, Lykos    FHT301442

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