ICSI Pipettes

The Kitazato ICSI micro pipettes have been designed with a spiked tip to minimize the damage to the oocyte during the intracytoplasmic injection of sperm inside the oocyte.

The Kitazato ICSI micro pipette is manufactured to provide a high quality and consistent product to enable precise manipulation for ART.

The pipettes is available with three different internal diameters, two different cutting angles and two different elbow to tip lengths ensuring the optimal solution is available for every procedure.

Main characteristics:

  • Spiked tip to minimize damage to oocyte
  • Smooth handling of sperm and cytoplasm
  • Available with long or short parallel walls
  • Three different internal diameters: 4.0-4.5 μm, 4.5-5.0 μm and 5.0-5.5 μm
  • Two different angle options: 30° and 35° 
  • Tip to elbow length range: from 0.50 mm to 1 mm


Order Code
FDM95200 MT-INJ-2S45-30 MICROTOOLS ICSI 30º OD:5-6 ID:4-4,5 Pack of 10
FDM95201 MT-INJ-2S45-35 MICROTOOLS ICSI 35º OD:5-6 ID:4-4,5 Pack of 10
FDM95230 MT-INJ-2S50-30 MICROTOOLS ICSI 30º OD:6-7 ID:4,5-5 Pack of 10
FDM95231 MT-INJ-2S50-35 MICROTOOLS ICSI 35º OD:6-7 ID:4,5-5 Pack of 10
FDM95260 MT-INJ-2S55-30 MICROTOOLS ICSI 30º OD:6-7 ID:5-5,5 Pack of 10
FDM95261 MT-INJ-2S55-35 MICROTOOLS ICSI 35º OD:6-7 ID:5-5,5 Pack of 10

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