Biopsy Pipettes


The Kitazato Biopsy micro pipettes have been designed to perform specifically a variety of applications including removing a blastomere cell, trophectoderm cells or polar body for preimplantation genetic testing.

The Kitazato Biopsy micro pipette incorporates with a flat tip design to minimize damage to cell membrane. The pipette tips are specially polished to protect cell membrane

The pipettes come in a variety of internal diameters to provide the optimum solution for different applications; 15 μm for polar body biopsy, 25 μm for trophectoderm biopsy and 30 to 35 μm for blastomere biopsy.


Main characteristics:

  • Flat tip design to minimize damage to cell membrane
  • Pipette tips are specially polished to protect cell membrane
  • Internal diameter range: from 15 μm to 35 μm
  • 15 μm for polar body biopsy
  • 25 μm for trophectoderm biopsy
  • 30 to 35 μm for blastomere biopsy

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Order Code
FDM95350 MT-BPBM-25-30 MICROTOOLS BIOPSY BL. 30º ID:25 Pack of 10
FDM95351 MT-BPBM-25-35 MICROTOOLS BIOPSY BL. 35º ID:25 Pack of 10
FDM95352 MT-BPBM-30-30 MICROTOOLS BIOPSY BL. 30º ID:30 Pack of 10
FDM95353 MT-BPBM-30-35 MICROTOOLS BIOPSY BL. 35º ID:30 Pack of 10
FDM95401 MT-PZD-35-55 MICROTOOLS PZD 35º Pack of 10

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