Holding Pipettes


The Kitazato Holding micro pipettes have been designed to provide a high level of specimen control of the oocyte, embryo or blastocyst during intracytoplasmic sperm injection or PGT techniques.

The Kitazato Biopsy micro pipette incorporates a smooth polished tip to provided combination of control and secure holding during the procedure.

The pipettes come in a variety of diameters to allow for differing techniques to be used without loss of performance. There are two diameters available 15-20 μm and 25-30 μm. The smaller diameter is ideal for holding and oocyte and the larger diameter is more suitable for embryo biopsy.

Main characteristics:

  • Smooth polished tip
  • High level of control of specimen
  • Different diameters available for different techniques
  • Two internal diameters available: 15-20 μm and 25-30 μm.
  • Smaller diameter ideal for holding an oocyte
  • Larger diameter ideal for embryo biopsy procedures

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Order Code
Description Pack Size
FDM95310 MT-HD-90-30 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 30º OD:90 ID:15-20 Pack of 10
FDM95311 MT-HD-90-35 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 35º OD:90 ID:15-20 Pack of 10
FDM95300 MT-HD-100-30 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 30º OD:100 ID:15-20 Pack of 10
FDM95301 MT-HD-100-35 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 35º OD:100 ID:15-20 Pack of 10
Special Order MT-HD-120-30 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 30º OD:120 ID:15-20 Pack of 10
FDM95303 MT-HD-120-35 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 35º OD:120 ID:15-20 Pack of 10
FDM95360 MT-HD-120W-30 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 30º OD:120 ID:25-30 Pack of 10
FDM95361 MT-HD-120W-35 MICROTOOLS HOLDING 35º OD:120 ID:25-30 Pack of 10


Holding Pipette MT-HD-90-30 90 15-20 30 0.6
MT-HD-90-35 90 15-20 35 0.6
MT-HD-100-30 100 15-20 30 0.6
MT-HD-100-35 100 15-20 35 0.6
MT-HD-120-30 120 15-20 30 0.6
MT-HD-120-35 120 15-20 35 0.6
MT-HD-120W-30 120 25-30 30 0.6
MT-HD-120W-35 120 25-30 35 0.6

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