Repeatable, consistent results to help ensure the viability of your samples

Whether you need to cryopreserve a single sample or thousands of biological samples, Planer can provide a programmable cryogenic controlled rate freezer to suit the requirements of your facility.

Planer’s range of freezers has been developed using our extensive and pioneering experience in this field. They are tried, tested and trusted by researchers and medical professionals around the world to provide:

  • Improved cell viability by freezing below the glass transition point to -180C
  • Outstanding traceability thanks to the compliant record of freezing run
  • Unrivalled repeatability with user definable freezing profiles

The Planer range of controlled rate cryogenic freezers are:

Ideal for batches of straws or vials the Kryo 360 is a low capacity freezer is available in 1.7 and 3.3 litre versions.

Designed for the busy laboratory, the Kyro 550, 16 litre, freezer is ideal for larger volumes of small ampules or vials alternatively its large enough to hold several blood bag cassettes whilst maintaining its precision performance.

Flexible design freezer to meet the demands of a modern laboratory, the top or front loading larger Kryo 750, 30 litre, freezer can hold batch volumes of blood bag cassettes without compromising performance or results.

Perfect for volume blood bag or vaccine cryopreservation, the Kyro 1060 freezer, available in 180 and 380 litre versions, is an extra-large capacity controlled rate freezer for the biopharma and research market

Which model of Planer freezer is right for me?

Download our comparison table here (PDF)


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