PZD Pipettes

For mechanically cutting an opening in the zona pellucida for assisted hatching of an embryo or biopsy techniques.

The Kitazato PZD pipette incorporates a very sharp and thin tip to allow for a fine cut ensuring easy penetration of the zona pellucida without damaging the specimen.

The PZD micropipette is available with two different angle options to ensure its performance remains constant for the widest range of user preferences.


Main characteristics:

  • Very sharp and thin tip to allow a fine cut
  • Easy penetration of the zona pellucida without damaging the specimen
  • Two different angle options: 30° and 35°
  • Tip to elbow length: 0.55 mm


Order Code
Available on request MT-PZD-30-55 MICROTOOLS PZD 30o Pack of 10
FDM95401 MT-PZD-35-55 MICROTOOLS PZD 35o Pack of 10

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