Pneumatic Injector (for Holding Side)

Injector for the holding side exclusively for TAKANOME™

This pneumatic injector is:

  • Intended exclusively for holding an egg.
  • Can be attached to the joystick of TAKANOME™, allowing holding and releasing an egg in a delicate and secure manner operated only with a forefinger.
  • Enables doing micromanipulation and suctioning work at the same time.
  • Can be used with one of two types of tubing which has different inner diameter are included to customize the response speed.


Accessories included Injection Holder (HI-9)
Cleaning Rod
Tubing (CT-4)
Tubing (CT-1-1.5)
Silicone Rubber Gasket (HI01PK01)
Hex Wrench
Dimensions/Weight W24 × D55 × H54mm, 58g

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