Hatching micropipettes are used for the mechanical opening of the Zona pellucida of embryos or blastocysts by partial zona dissection (mechanical assisted hatching).

Gynemed Hatching micropipettes are sterilized for 3 Years, individually packed and customized production of pipettes available on request.

By means of mouse-embryo-test (MEA) each lot is screened for endotoxines to assure the highest possible safety for the user.


Order codes
Angle Taper Box (pieces)
Short Hatching Micropipettes
FGY003-20-S  20 degrees angle Short 20
FGY003-30-S 30 degrees angle Short 20
FGY003-35-S  35 degrees angle Short 20
FGY003-S Straight Short 20
Long Hatching Micropipettes
FGY003-20-L 20 degrees angle Long 20 
FGY003-30-L 30 degrees angle Long 20 
FGY003-35-L 35 degrees angle Long 20 
FGY003-L Straight Long 20 


Hatching Micropipettes for Assisted Enzymatic Hatching
Order codes
Inner diameter µm
Angle Taper
Box (pieces)
ICSI Micropipettes
FGY003-10-20-A 20 degrees angle 20 degrees angle A 20
FGY003-10-30-A 30 degrees angle 30 degrees angle A 20
FGY003-10-35-A 35 degrees angle 35 degrees angle A 20
FGY003-10-A Straight Straight A 20

Product facts and notices

Specification and quality control

  • To meet international standards as well as the requirements of the FDA, the Hatching micropipettes are sterilised by gamma radiation.
  • The Hatching micropipettes are prepared from borosilicate glass tubing.
    outer diameter 1.20 mm, total length 5.50 cm, bending angle 20° – 45°, length of the arm 1.00 mm with short thin taper (S) or with long thin taper (L), sharp point.
  • Hatching micropipettes may be ordered straight or with benging angle.
  • A Mouse Embryo Test (MEA) is available for each batch upon request from our website with respective lot number.


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