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The ZANDAIR™ 100P Air Purification System is a portable unit, specifically developed to meet the demands in anatomical pathology and forensic laboratories where formalin and other toxic hydrocarbons are prevalent. They are effective in areas where pathology chemicals are used and regular refilling for automated and manual slide stainers and processors is required.

The ZANDAIR™ Four Step Air Purification Process of the 100P

Step One. Activated Carbon Filter adsorbs toxic chemicals and gases.

The front position Activated Carbon Filter, is a specially formulated mixture of proprietary compounds selected to adsorb all VOCs and CACs in the laboratory environment. Scientifically formulated adsorption media (including zeolite and potassium permanganate) adsorbs organic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde used in the laboratory.

Step Two: Higher Adsorption of VOCs and CACs

A second Activated Carbon Filter increases the ‘dwell time’ providing a higher adsorption of VOCs and CACs.

Step Three:. Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Destroys Toxic Chemicals and Eliminates Odours from the Air

Photo-Catalytic-Oxidation converts toxic compounds into benign constituents such as water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The catalyst is such that it does not wear out or lose its effectiveness as a result of its actions.

Step Four. Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet technology combined with Photo-Catalytic-Oxidation is an important feature of this purification system since germs are easily spread from person to person and by central heating and air-conditioning systems. We offer a special attachment for personnel working in small “Cut-up” and “cover slipping” areas. An acrylic cover over the work area directs airflow in a downward direction and contains fumes coming from open containers.

Technical Specifications: 100P

Dimensions  21.5"w X 18"h X 8"d (55cm X 46cm X 20cm)  
Weight  23 lbs. (10.43 kg) 
Max Air Flow  265 CFM /7.5 m3 per minute 
Max Watts  110 watts 
Voltage  120v - 60hz /220v - 50hz
Blower  Reversed - curved motorized impeller 
Catalyst  Metal oxides 
 U.V. Range  254 nm (produces no ozone) 
Gas Adsorption Two (2) Activated carbon media
Application 1,000 Cubic feet max./ 29 cubic meters
Service U.V. Lamps -1 year, Filters - 6 months
Warranty 2 year limited warranty on all components excluding light and filters


Order Code Description
FHTIZ100P220V ZANDAIR™ 100P, Air Purifier , photo-catalytic chamber, 220V
FHTIZRK203 Replacement UV Lamp 8w for ZANDAIR models 100C / 100P
FHTIZRK401 Replacement Filter Set for ZANDAIR 100P includes: 2 x Activated Carbon filters

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