Connecting an Auto-Dialler to a DATAssure™

The DATAssure™ base station has two relay outputs that can be used for attaching auto-diallers, beacons or connecting to an alarm notification panel.

The connection instructions below are relevant to the auto-dialler supplied by Planer. Should a 3rd party dialler be used then these instructions are invalid. 3rd party items attached to the relay outputs are not supported by Planer and have not been tested with the DATAssure™ system.

Safety First

Before connecting the DATAssure™ to the auto-dialler ensure the DATAssure™ and auto-dialler are switched off and unplugged from their power supply.

Refer to the DATAssure™ instruction manual and the instruction manual issued with the auto-dialler to ensure both units are correctly set up prior to a connection being made.


Network Connectivity

Note: our supplied auto-dialler does not operate on the 3 networks.

Ensure that a fully functional sim card is inserted into the dialler, prior to installation. The sim card needs to have credit to be operational.


Connecting The Power Brick to The Auto-dialler

Using the power brick supplied, connect the bare wired connections to the 12V & 0V screw terminals on the auto-dialler.

The power brick cables have identification on the cable cores. The core with the grey dotted cable shroud is connected to the 12V input terminal.


Connecting The Auto-dialler to The DATAssure™

Relay 1 or 2 can be used for the connection. Connection should be made using a two-core low-voltage cable (i.e. those used for telephone connections).

Connect from the 0V terminal on the auto-dialler to the Common terminal on the DATAssure™ relay used.

Then connect from the TR1 terminal on the auto-dialler to the Normal Open terminal on the DATAssure™ relay used.


Programming The Auto-dialler

To programme numbers and the text/call options into the dialler follow the instructions on the manual issued with the product.


Set Up The DATAssure™ to Enact Relay Functions

Two actions are required to ensure the DATAssure™ will enact the relays (and trigger the dialler) in the event of a system alarm. These are:


Test Auto-dialler Function

Via the Info page on the DATAssure™ network interface, enact the test alarm function. This will generate a test alarm and will activate the relay function to force the auto-dialler to send an alarm message.

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