Alarm Details Explained

The information for each alarm, generated by a DATAssure™, can be seen in great detail. This article covers the alarm information shown for software versions and onwards.

Alarm detail can be viewed by selecting an orange underlined  Alarm/Event link in either the Current, Unacknowledged, Historical or Audit windows within the ALARMS tab.

On selection, the detail tab will open, and the alarm information is displayed.


Details Explained

Name – the devices system reference and assigned name.

Serial Number – the device’s unique serial number.

Sensor Type – the type of device that has alarmed.

Details – the reason for the alarm occurring.

Asset Ref – a user-generated text line that can be added to devices when being created or edited, the example shows the temperature range for the area monitored.

Reference – the reading when the alarm was activated, includes the maximum/minimum reading achieved depending on the device type*.

Duration – the elapsed time from when the alarm triggered to when the alarm cleared**.

Triggered – the time at which the alarm set point was exceeded and the start point of any alarm delay set.

Generated – the time an alarm was generated (at the end of any set delay).

Acknowledged – the date and time the alarm was acknowledged – if blank the alarm has not been acknowledged.

Acknowledged by – the details of the user who acknowledged the alarm.

Cleared – the time at which the device came out of alarm and returned within its normal operating state.

Email – the details of the email status of the device alarm.

Add Comments – allows users to add alarm comments to the alarm, multiple comments can be added, and these comments appear on the pdf reports.


* If the DATAssure™ is switched off during an alarm event then the maximum or minimum reading achieved will not be displayed as this cannot be calculated.

** If the DATAssure™ is switched off during an alarm event the duration of the alarm cannot be calculated. The duration of an alarm will not be calculated until the alarm has cleared.

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