Alarm Profiles Explained

Alarm profiles are used to control the actions the DATAssure™ base station will take in the event of an alarm event being triggered. Alarms are triggered when data received exceeds the limits of your set points (after any alarm delay you have allowed has elapsed).

Alarm profiles can be created based on your alarm requirements for each device or warning alert, see Creating an Alarm Profile. If devices or warning alerts will action in the same way, then they can be attached to a single created profile. If devices or warning alerts are to act in different ways, then profiles can be created that match the users alarm needs for those devices.

The base station can have multiple alarm profiles; however, a device or warning alert can only be attached to a single profile.


Route to Alarm Profiles


The above DATAssure™ has two alarm profiles: Standard and None.

All functions in a profile can be set to action in one of three ways, these are:

  1. None – the function is switched off.
  2. Always – the function will be on all the time.
  3. Schedule – the function will follow the timer schedule that has been associated with the alarm profile, see Setting Schedules.

Device or warning alerts, linked to the Standard profile, will:

  • Reading – create an alarm based on device data readings.
  • Comms – create an alarm based on a device losing communications with its parent base station.
  • Sounder – on alarm the internal sounder, within the base station, will activate and omit a buzz notification until silenced.
  • Relay – the relays are attached to the schedule and will activate only during the scheduled periods.
  • Email – as this is set to always the base station will send an email whenever an alarm is triggered.
  • IP – alarms will be sent via IP (this is a specialist function; consult your system provider should you require more information).
  • Scheduler – No schedule has been set so the above functions will apply 24/7.

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