DATAssure™ Email Set Up, Using Gmail

Emails will only work on networked DATAssure™ systems with a valid DNS connection – email can be set up but cannot operate or be tested in DHCP Server mode. See IP for more information on networking a DATAssure™ base station.

Setting up the DATAssure™ email function to use a Gmail account is straightforward and can be accomplished by following the three main steps listed below.


1. Activate 2-Step Verification

To use the DATAssure™ email function with a email address, the 2-Step verification must be ON in the Security settings, within the Google account settings.

Path – Gmail Account => Security => Signing into Google => 2-Step Verification => On


2 Step Verification in Google Account


If 2-Step Verification is OFF, select On and follow the Google Account instructions to activate it.


2. Create an App Password

Within the same section in your Google Account select App Passwords (Google will require confirmation with the Google Account login password).

From the Select app drop-down choose Other (customer name) => enter a name – e.g. DATAssure™ monitoring system => select Generate

Google will open a pop-up window with a unique 16-character password to use when setting up the DATAssure™ email (see below), this password can be copied and pasted.


3. Set-up Email on The DATAssure™

Log in to the DATAssure™ base station at an Administrator account level to set up the email function.

Path – DATAssure™ Login => Settings => Networking/Email Setup => Edit

Change the system settings as below for email services

  • Email Enabled – Yes
  • SMTP Hostname/IP Address –
  • Smtp Port – 587
  • Use Encryption – Yes
  • Use STARTLS – Yes
  • Username – Enter the email address.
  • Password – Enter the password created in the Google Account App Passwords generator (as mentioned above).
  • Email from – Enter the email address.
  • Retries – Leave as set.
  • Retry Delay (minutes) – Leave as set.
  • Notify on failure (Warning) – Attach to an alarm profile if a warning created on email failure is required, otherwise leave as set.
  • Send heartbeat – Attach to an alarm profile if a daily email heartbeat notification is required to be sent, otherwise leave as set.


Once all data is entered and submitted a Test Email can be sent, and any email address can be used to test connectivity.

Should the test email fail an error message will be generated.

If you require additional support with email set up, please contact our support team.

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