Benefit from the protection of the fully featured O2NE+ Oxygen Level Monitor and Alarm unit complete with a 7 year sensor life.

The use of inert and speciality gases is common in many medical applications including.

  • MRI rooms (Helium is used as a coolant for a superconductors in MRI machines)
  • Cryopreservation (LN2 used for blood, sperm and egg preservation)
  • Tissue preservation
  • Deep freeze – pathology
  • Breathing observation – Asthma, Emphysema (Helium)
  • Cancer treatment (Argon lasers)

Should there be a leak or build-up of these gases, which are both colourless and odourless, in a confined space this will deplete the level of oxygen and can pose a danger to employees and visitors your workplace.

The O2NE+ provides two audio visual alarms which are pre-set at 19.5% & 18% (but can be adjusted) to warn personnel of a potential leak which may cause the O2 levels to deplete to a dangerous level.

The O2NE+ main senor unit is wall mounted at normal working head height in the area/s recommended as a result of risk assessment. The repeater unit/s are then sited at the entrance/s to the area to let staff or visitors know if it is safe to enter or not.

  • Simple calibration - The O2NE+ can be calibrated on "pure air" which is easy to source and ship globally and affordable.
  • Long sensor life - O2 sensor will last 7 years.
  • Minimal maintenance - Unlike other oxygen monitors the O2NE+ only needs calibrating every 18 months and the sensor does not need changing every 2 years.
  • "Plug and play" - The O2NE+ is easily wall-mounted and basic installation does not require a qualified electrician.
  • Repeater included - The O2NE+ comes complete a repeater which is to be placed at the entrance to provide and early warning before entering the room.
  • Suitable for use with helium - The presence of helium can affect the readings of most O2 monitors but the O2NE+ will provide accurate, reliable readings if helium is one of the  gases you are concerned about.
  • No risk of accidental calibration - The O2NE+ does not allow the user to calibrate it using ambient air.  A certified calibration gas must be passed over the sensor at 18 month periods.  This is a safety feature which prevents a potentially false calibration being made.

Sensor Specifications

Measurement Technique O2 – partial pressure electrochemical cell with atmospheric pressure compensation
Range O2: 0.1 to 25.0 %

Better than ± 0.75 % O2, over 5.0 to 25.0 % O2

Better than ± 1.00 % O2, over 0.1 to 5.0 % O2

Response Time O2 - 60 seconds
Warmup Time 30 seconds
Expected Sensor Life 7 years
Sensor Warranty 2 years
Sensor Calibration Period 1.5 years

Analyser Specifications

Analyser Type Fixed
Supply Voltage 230V AC
Operating Temp 0 to 40 °C Power consumption: < 5 Watts
Display 4 digit LCD

Analyser 175 x 110 x 75mm

Repeater 72 x 170 x 45mm

IP Rating Analyser IP65 Repeater IP65 (quick connect IP43)
Sounder 85dbA @ 10cm
Alarms 18.0% Alarm 19.5% Alarm

Other Information

Optional Extras 4 to 20mA, 0 to 1V, 2 x relays
Warranty 2 years

EMC Directive 89/336/EEC (EN50270:1999, EN61000-63:2001+A11:2004).

Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC (BS EN 61010-1:2001, IEC 61010-1(2ed)) AS61010.

1-2003 (Australia & New Zealand) CSA (cCSAus), Master Contract 239512, Certificate 1909026.


Order Code
FANXAX1BK10X55QXY30 O2NE Oxygen Monitor - 7 Year Sensor Life, Repeater, UK Plug, 230V
FANXAX1BK10X55Q4Y30 O2NE Oxygen Monitor - 7 year Sensor Life, Repeater, UK Plug, 230V, 4-20mA output
FANXAX1BK10X11QXY30 O2NE Oxygen Monitor - 7 Year Sensor Life, Repeater, Euro Plug, 230V 
FANXAX1BK10X11Q4Y30 O2NE Oxygen Monitor - 7 year Sensor Life, Repeater, Euro Plug, 230V, 4-20mA output
FANXAX1BK10X20QXY30 O2NE Oxygen Monitor - 7 Year Sensor Life, Repeater, Australia Plug, 230V
FANXAX1BK10X20Q4Y30 O2NE Oxygen Monitor - 7 year Sensor Life, Repeater, Australia Plug, 230V, 4-20mA output

As part of our policy of continuous improvement we reserve the right to upgrade or change specifications without prior notice.

Manufactured by: Analox

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