RFID Witnessing System for Cryogenic Bag Storage

Cryogatt’s cryogenic RFID products can be used to RFID enable the storage of freezing bags at cryogenic temperatures, enhancing the efficiency, traceability, and security of the storage process.

Main characteristics:

  • The RFID bag tags can be inserted into the label pouch of each bag to enable precise sample identification and eliminate the risk of mix-up.
  • Cryogatt’s RFID proximity reader allows for quick and easy identification of samples which greatly improves the laboratory’s operational efficiency. A full cassette frame can be audited within a few seconds.
  • RFID tags do not require direct line of sight for sample identification. This means that frosted samples can be identified instantly without the need for wiping off the frost. The sample can also be scanned through the overwrap bag.
  • RFID tagging supports regulatory compliance by providing a comprehensive digital trail of sample movement. This simplifies auditing processes and helps labs adhere to quality standards.

Can be used for the following applications: Cell & Gene Therapies, Biobanking.

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Proximity Reader

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Dewar Tag

Dewar RFID Tag


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