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Kitazato offers IVM needles for the collection of immature oocytes in in vitro maturation cycles. Consisting of a 27.5cm 20G needles, within another of 30cm long 17G needle, IVM needles allow greater mobility control of non-stimulated ovaries. Thanks to its high visibility, it is possible to reduce the puncture operation time, crucial in this type of cycle.

3 Channel Stopcock Valve

Needle with a 3 channel stopcock valve. Thanks to its key, it is possible to regulate the flow, allowing alternation between oocyte aspiration and follicular cleaning through a single channel. Available in an external diameter of 17G and 80cm aspiration tube (other lengths available upon request).

The Kitazato ovarian puncture needles have the following characteristics:

  • Tip with echogenic marking. Guarantees high visibility for the correct approach to the follicle during the puncture.
  • “Thin Wall” design. Provides a greater internal diameter. Reduces stress to the oocyte during aspiration and allows work with needles with smaller external diameter, reducing trauma to the patient.
  • Triple cut blade. Ensures fast and effective puncture which minimises lesions to tissue.
  • Handle with positioning marking. Provides control throughout the puncture process and helps to control the position of the needle blade.
  • Silicon bung with syringe connection for cleaning the follicle or cleaning the needle. Prevents any negative effect derived from a potential patient allergy to latex.
  • Different lengths available for aspiration tubes

Quality Control

  • MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay): One-cell assay ≥ 80% after 96 hours
  • Endotoxin: <20 EU/device
  • SAL 10-6
  • Sterelity test (Bacteria, Fungi)
  • Cytotoxicity Test
  • Intracutaneous Reactivity Test
  • Sensitization Test
  • Composition: Stainless Steel SUS304


Order Code
Gauge Length Aspiration Line
FDM357353 3 way stopcock 17G 35cm 80cm + 40cm*
FDM347275 IVM 17G 27.5cm 80cm

* Different lengths available for aspiration tubes

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