DATAssure alarm and monitoring system from Planer Ltd
All DATAcentre™ customers can now trade in their current DATAcentre™ unit and upgrade to the latest Planer DATAssure™ wireless laboratory and alarm system. 

Adobe recently decided to block all Flash content, which has made the graphing feature of the DATAcentre™ alarm and monitoring system inoperable. We are therefore pleased to announce that all DATAcentre™ customers can trade in their current DATAcentre™ unit (and transmitters if necessary) and upgrade to a new DATAssure™ system. 

Up to 150 sensors to monitor key parameters

The DATAssure™ system builds on the proven reliability and success of the DATAcentre™ product providing all the features you would expect from a modern monitoring system, including a clear colour touchscreen, 12 hour battery back-up and up to 10 years plus data storage.

Up to 150 sensors can monitor a variety of parameters including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen level, oxygen level and door status. Each wireless sensor sends a reading every minute over the dedicated wireless network to the base station. The base station reviews the data against pre-set warning and critical alarm parameters defined by the user to generate audible and visual alarms or alerts via email and SMS text.

DATAssure™ provides secure multi user access with the flexibility of being able to view the data, and react to alarms from any web enabled laptop, tablet and smart phone. All data is stored in a secure tamperproof format for later review and report creation. The web interface provides access to real time data, alarm notifications, full audit trails, analytical graphing tools and a report generator – all via any standard browser. 

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DATAssure™ wireless laboratory monitoring and alarm system
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