Free webinar - setting up the ideal IVF laboratoryAs many people are currently working from home, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Marc van den Bergh has kindly offered to re-run his webinar series "Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory" for free.

The webinars take place on Wednesdays at 1-2pm BST (2-3 pm CET) and are repeated twice on Sundays: at 1-2pm BST and then again at 7-8pm BST from 25th March onwards. The course will cover a range of themes including the IVF lab environment, the best equipment and key performance indicators for the IVF Lab.

Attendees will receive certificates, which they can submit to try and obtain CPD credits from their professional body.

How to register
Just click the links below and complete the form to reserve your place.

#24938 Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory  
Part 1: The environment

#24939 Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory
Part 2: The best equipment
#24940 Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory 
Part 3: The culture MEDIUM
#24941 Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory 
Part 4: The culture conditions

#24942 Setting up the Ideal IVF laboratory
Part 5: Hygiene Sterility Disinfection

#24943 Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory 
Part 6: Key Performance Indicators for the IVF Lab

About Marc van den Bergh

Marc van den Bergh, is a certified senior clinical embryologist with over 20 years of experience. He founded the firm Quartec, which provides a range of consultancy services to assisted reproductive technology laboratories.
For further information, visit the Quartec website.

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