Operating a successful cryopreservation facility

"Operating a successful cryopreservation facility", a handbook which gives an introduction to key issues to be considered when establishing or running a cryopreservation facility, is now available on Amazon.

This approachable book aims to give an easy guide to issues which can arise when setting up or running a facility storing biological samples, cells, tissue and the like. The book is aimed at managerial and scientific employees with little prior knowledge of the field and deals with the necessary biology, facility management and operating procedures that are central to operating a successful cryopreservation and storage service.

The authors, Prof Brian Grout and Mr James Bennet, give a practical view of the process of liquid nitrogen freezing, the equipment and consumables needed, the processes, procedures and safety practices that should be in place. The guide aims to be a handy reference source for non-experts who need to become involved in managing or running a bio bank or cryopreservation laboratory and the content is equally applicable to human, animal, plant, food or microbial material and is relevant for both large and small operations.

Brian Grout became involved in cryobiology as a postdoctoral fellow and over an international academic career has studied low temperature effects and cryopreservation in systems ranging from fungi and marine invertebrates to human cell cultures, contributing extensively to the scientific literature in the field. He is Professor Emeritus in Life Sciences at Copenhagen University.

James Bennet became involved in cryobiology through a career including manufacturing, servicing and sales of temperature related equipment for medics, embryologists, cryobiologists and researchers. Throughout this thirty-five year period working with all aspects of freezing and liquid nitrogen his name has become very well known with cryogenic laboratories worldwide for training, problem solving, planning and also acting as expert witness in legal proceedings.

Planer plc specialises in equipment for monitoring and controlling the physical parameters relating to cells - such as cold temperatures, incubating temperatures, humidity, pH and gas concentration. Users in hospitals, laboratories, IVF labs and universities depend on the viability of their stored samples and have now relied on Planer's programmable freezers, vessels, monitors, incubators and sensors for forty-five years. All around the world Planer equipment is used daily for the viable preservation of medical and biological specimens: cell lines, cord blood, bone marrow, embryos, botanical matter, semen, oocytes, botanical seeds, skin, ovarian tissue, heart valves and blood vessels.

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"Operating a successful cryopreservation facility" is now available on Amazon.
Published by Planer plc. Available as at £20.00, A5 format, 115 pages. 


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