PetriSense-ST-sensor monitors CO2 and related pHOur PetriSense®ST 35mm petri dish sized sensor provides standalone monitoring of CO2 and related pH in a variety of laboratory equipment for periods up to 12 hours for validation purposes, without the need for retrofit or modification.

Removes need for sensors in each piece of equipment to validate CO2 and pH

The PetriSense®ST is portable and easy to fit in various types of laboratory equipment enabling it to be switched between different units for validation of CO2 and pH when required, hence removing the need for an expensive sensor in each piece of equipment.

  • Easy to Install
    Quickly fits into a variety of laboratory equipment and USB connection to PC
  • Reliable
    Provides continual monitoring over a period of time rather than ‘point in time’ readings
  • Peace of Mind
    Monitoring  provides early warning of potentially damaging changes in pH
  • Cost effective
    Reduces need for labour intensive manual pH checks or the need for an expensive retrofit modification of your equipment
  • Helps regulatory compliance
    The PetriSense®ST provides a full auditable trail for regulatory compliance.

The PetriSense®ST sensor is ideal for monitoring CO2 and related pH in our range of benchtop incubators – the CT37stax™ high capacity incubator and our compact BT37 benchtop incubator. Please get in touch with the sales team at Planer Ltd, if you would like to find out more.

For further information
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CT37stax™ multi chamber incubator
BT37 benchtop incubator, with humidity control
INC-A20 benchtop incubator, without humidity control

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