Benefit from accurate CO2 and pH monitoring in a variety of laboratory equipment with the PetriSense™ Portable 35mm petri dish sized sensor

The New PetriSense® Portable sensor provides standalone monitoring of CO2 and related pH in a variety of laboratory equipment, either continuously as part of a monitoring system or for shorter periods for validation purposes.

The PetriSense® Portable is easy to install in various types of laboratory equipment without expensive retrofit or modifications, enabling it to be switched between different units for validation of CO2 and pH when required.

PetriSense® Portable provides a full auditable trail for regulatory compliance.

PetriSense® Portable uses the established relationship between CO2 and pH to provide reproducible indications of pH culture conditions allowing early intervention to correct potential damaging changes in pH. Waiting for changes in pH may be too late.

The PetriSense® Portable is programmed to take into consideration the buffering effect of the media providing real time information.

PetriSense® Portable removes the need for lengthy daily calibration and sample preparation of point in time methods.

  • Easy to Install - Quickly fits into a variety of laboratory equipment and USB connection to PC
  • Flexible - Use as a static monitoring sensor or a validation tool
  • Reliable - Provides continual rather than ‘point in time’ readings
  • Peace of Mind - Monitoring CO2 provides early warning of potentially damaging changes in pH
  • Cost effective - Reduces need for labour intensive manual pH checks of equipment environments and calibration procedures

PetriSense® Portable is supplied with software providing configuration, calibration and monitoring applications for the product.

Monitoring application, supplied with PetriSense® Portable can display CO2 and pH readings in numerical and graphical format for up to two individual sensors simultaneously.

Software application is used to program the PetriSense™ Sensor with the media parameters to ensure pH calculations are real time readings.

The software application provides easy to use calibration procedures for both calibration in air and in a known gas mixture without the need of sample preparation.

PetriSense® Portable software is supplied with a licence for a single PC running Windows as its operating system.

Measurement Range 0-20% CO2, 0-14 pH
Operating Temperature 10℃ to 42℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +80℃
Sensor Type Infrared Sensor
Power Supply USB
Alarm None
Relay Outputs None
Calibration Frequency Every two weeks in Air, Annually in known gas mixture
Output Connection USB 2.0 standard-A

 *non humidified conditions

Order Reference Description
GDPETRI-PH-1 PetriSense™ Portable pH/CO2 sensor with USB connector includes software licence for a single PC/Tablet.
GDPETRI-PH-1-BT37 PetriSense™ Portable pH/CO2 kit for a 2 chamber benchtop incubator includes software licence for single PC/Tablet.