CT37stax benchtop incubator brochureTake a look at our latest CT37stax™ brochure, which outlines some of the new additional features of our multi chamber benchtop incubator.

The CT37stax™ is a modular, space saving benchtop incubator that can be expanded as the needs of your laboratory grow. It is available initially with three to six incubator chambers. Additional chambers can be added to your system as demand expands*. The modular design reduces redundant unused dish spaces and therefore ensures this incubator is a long-term cost effective solution.

  • High capacity incubator using 30% less lab space
  • Accurate environmental controls providing the optimal clinical environment
  • Capacity for up to 36 patients
  • Compact modular design helps improve laboratory workflow
  • Individually controlled incubation chambers
  • All chambers individually monitored with audible and visible alarms

 *up to the maximum of six chambers in a single system

Monitor your CT37stax™ benchtop incubator, with our new PIMSsolo unit

CT37stax benchtop incubator

On display for the first time at ESHRE 2019 was the PIMSsolo user interface unit, which can be used alongside, or even mounted on, the CT37stax™ to enable clinics to control a single CT37stax™ system.

PIMSsolo unit clearly displays all the relevant parameters and messages from a single CT37stax™ system on a simple to use touchscreen display making day to day management of a CT37stax™ simple and convenient.

PIMSsolo will be available with a variety of different mounting options to allow users to choose the most convenient for their specific needs. Pictured here is the PIMSsolo unit mounted directly on a CT37stax™ system. Desktop and wall mounted versions will also be available.

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