Planer is pleased to announce the launch of the ShipsLog3™ temperature data logger. The new ShipsLog3™ is the latest edition of the well-established ShipsLog™ product range which has been providing protection to samples inside vapour and dry shippers for over 15 years. The ShipsLog3™ temperature data logger provides an accurate and downloadable temperature history of your vapour shipper throughout its transit.

  • The ShipsLog3™ data logger stores more than 32,000 temperature readings from the thermocouple fitted to the inside of the shipper lid providing early alerts of potential warming issues.
  • The ShipsLog3™ is easily set up using free downloadable EasyLog software*, allowing the user to set alarm thresholds, logging rates and immediate, delayed or ‘push to start’ operation.
  • The same software can be used to download and view data from the data logger at the end of transit which can be graphed, printed and exported to provide a permanent audit trail.
  • Programming and downloading of data can be achieved by plugging the USB data logger into the USB port on the PC or using the ShipsLog3™ Data transfer unit+.
  • The ShipsLog3™ is fitted with a replaceable lithium metal battery which will typically give two years logging life.

There are two versions of ShipsLog3™ available;

  • The standard ShipsLog3™ comes complete with a high contrast LCD display showing a variety of information at the touch of a button.
  • Alternatively if you require the extra security then a 21CFR compliant version of the ShipsLog3™ is also available.

 Both versions of the ShipsLog3™ are fitted with red and green status LEDs for immediate recognition of the logger status.

Find out more about ShipsLog3™

*EasyLog software or EasyLog CFR software required dependent on model of ShipsLog3™
+Sold separately (not compatible with 21CFR version)

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