CO2 with BT37The American Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting took place in Boston this year, some 240 years after the "Boston Tea Party". We tried to make amends by using Boston as the town to launch our new CO2 monitoring system. This unique sensor and logging system helps ensure that the best environment is used to culture embryos. This product can help identify problems that can occur within an incubator using premixed gas. Benchtop incubator users may assume when the premix gas goes in that the same concentration comes out, which is not necessarily the case. Any number of factors can affect the gas concentration, and by measuring the CO2 exhaust one can measure and log performance and hopefully anticipate any potential problems.

Also on show were our monitoring and alarm system ReAssure, which is our brand new monitoring system for today's data-centric customers. ReAssure uses an intuitive user interface to deliver a monitoring system designed by real users to meet the needs of embryologists and other lab technicians. Learn more here

We also took the opportunity to launch Pro-Curo, Planer's solution to for the sample tracking management software area. Again, intuitive is the best way to describe this piece of software, you can test this out with a free 14 day trial here.

You can find more information at the show here.

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