Cryo 2013In Berlin, at the recent Cryo 2013Cryo 2013 symposium, one of our smallest Controlled Rate Freezers was on display. The freezer - suitable for vials and straws - was demonstrated on the Origio GmbH stand - our distributors for IVF freezers in Germany.

Our larger range of freezers, used for Stem Cells, Blood, Bone Marrow and in the pharma industry, are supplied through Cryotherm who were also showing the new BT37 Benchtop Incubator  and DATAcentre. Our BT37 has become very popular (as well as in human IVF) in the stem cells, animal IVF and transgenic fields. The DATAcentre is a Wireless Monitoring and Alarm system which can be used to monitor all types of equipment and environments including large liquid nitrogen tanks, small aluminium LN2 dewars, incubators and heated stages. It can help measure many parameters as well as Temperature, including Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Flow, Level, Differential Pressure and events such as equipment door openings.  The distributor for the DATAcentre within the IVF market is Gynemed

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