Transfusion and Transplantation ScienceWe were pleased to help out with information and photos for a new book of interest to current and future Biomedical Scientists - "Transfusion and Transplantation Science" edited by Robin Knight. Both transfusion and transplantation demand a broad understanding of immunology, haematology and genetics and the book presents the essential concepts in the practical framework of hospital banking and transplantation centres. The sections range through immunology, processing, blood components, leucocyte, platelet antigens and - of special interest to Planer users - will be the chapters by Robert Walters on Stem Cell Banking and Richard Lomas's on Tissue and Bone Banking. Planer are involved with the British Blood Service in a cartilage preservation programme at their Tissue Development Laboratory in Liverpool - which performs validations on existing grafts and processes and is involved in new tissue graft development.

The book is part of a series published by Oxford University press which aims to draw together basic science with insights into laboratory practice to show how the biology of disease is coupled to the  approaches that lead to diagnosis. There are case studies, full colour plates and an online resource centre which includes a fully interactive Digital Microscope with a range of cell and tissue images for examination. The text explains the aetiology behind the disciplines and outlines issues for practical consideration as well as quality, regulatory and legal concerns that all need to be considered when collecting, preparing, and storing products for transfusion or transplantation.

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