The double-lumen follicle aspiration needle (FAS) is used for transvaginal harvesting of ovarian tissue and of oocytes from the follicles, guided by ultrasound; it can also be used for puncturing ovarian cysts.

The FAS developed in cooperation of GYNEMED and the manufacturer Gynetics have prooved successful concerning quality and design.

The needles are manufactured on individual request concerning the type of the needle, size of the cork and the tubings.


Product description Needle gauge Needle length Product code
Follicle Aspiration Needle - double-lumen 16 32 FGYGY-931668LF
Follicle Aspiration Needle - double-lumen 16 35 FGYGY-931627LF-A
Follicle Aspiration Needle - double-lumen 17 32 FGYGY-931768LF


Product facts and notices


  • With flushing, a better harvesting of oocytes is ensured especially with mono- or oligo-follicular ovaries. The flushing-lumen especially developed in cooperation of GYNEMED and the manufacturer Gynetics satisfies these highest requirements.
  • The FAS has got a very sharp, lanceaolate sharpened needle-tip, facilitating a precise puncturing or cutting.
  • The echoic needle-tip is produced with a new technique by use of a laser; that means the needle-tip is free of grinding-dust. The tip provides a steady and excellent visibility within the picture of the ultrasound.
  • Translucent tubings having the same inner diameter as the needle ensure a reliable and unobstructed flow of the oocytes.
  • The position of the flushing connector in relation to the longitudinal direction shows the physician the position of the opening of the sharpened tip of the needle during puncturing.


The medical product carries a CE certificate, is gamma irridated and tested for endotoxines. The device is intended for single use.

Die Ovar-Biopsie-Nadeln werden bei Gynétics, Belgien, gefertigt und unterliegen dem eingeführten Qualitätsmanagementsystem gemäß ISO 13485:2003 und ISO 9001-2008.

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