Hamilton Thorne LYKOS lasers are now available from Planer in the UK

We are pleased to announce that the Hamilton Thorne ranges of precisions lasers and advanced image analysis systems for use in IVF, clinical applications and other research purposes are now available from Planer in the UK.

Clinical lasers for IVF and other scientific applications

The Hamilton Thorne clinical lasers, the LYKOS®, LYKOS-DTS® and ZILOS-tk, are already in use in many IVF clinics around the world and are now emerging as the dominant laser systems to facilitate precise micro-surgical procedures on living cells, including sperm, oocytes and embryos, in the laboratory.

The LYKOS® laser, with its multi-pulse feature, allows rapid, repeated firing of the laser to facilitate the removal of cells from an embryo during the trophectoderm biopsy process. Trophectoderm biopsy is considered one of the best methods used to remove cells from the embryos of patients undergoing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to screen for genetic disease or aneuploidy. The ability of the LYKOS® laser to automatically fire the laser multiple times at a relatively low power helps contribute significantly to the efficiency and safety of the trophectoderm biopsy procedure.

The LYKOS Dynamic Targeting System™ (DTS) for ART, has a range of advanced targeting features to create the laser path. Once the path is drawn, it may be selected, resized, and repositioned as needed. Depending on the selected mode, the laser pulse, power and/or spacing may be adjusted with the changes immediately reflected in the laser path on the screen. 

The ZILOS-tk® is compatible with all current and older models of inverted microscopes. The laser-objective is attached directly to the turret of the inverted microscope, leaving both the fluorescent and filter cube ports open for normal use. When working with micromanipulators, the ZILOS-tk® allows users to work in "hands-free" mode by using the optional foot switch to fire the laser. The manipulators help position the embryo to the target and the foot switch is then pressed to fire the laser. The time that the embryo spends on the microscope stage is minimised, as micromanipulation is able to proceed as quickly as possible.

Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis

The Hamilton Thorne range of Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) products are also now available from Planer in the UK. They are designed to assist researchers and clinicians in analysing sperm motility and other characteristics in human fertility, toxicology and animal applications.

The IVOS II is the only sperm analysis system with an internal optical system, which offers distinct advantages. In contrast to the continuous illumination of a microscope, the IVOS uses illumination strobed at 1/1000 of a second to visualise sperm motion. This strobed illumination eliminates motion-related blurring along the length of the sperm head, resulting in precise sperm tracking.

The CEROS II is a space-saving, cost-effective, high-performance sperm analyser. Providing the same sperm analysis accuracy and detail of the IVOS II, the CEROS II is a less expensive alternative which requires less bench space.

Both systems are compatible with the Clinical Human Motility software and the Dimensions software. The Clinical Human Motility software provides counts and concentrations, motility and progressive motility, W.H.O. comparisons (or standard comparisons for non-human software) and three velocity measurements (VAP, VSL, and VCL) plus additional motion measurements of LIN, ALH, STR, and BCF.

The DIMENSIONS II software automatically classifies the morphology of fixed stained human sperm samples according to the Tygerberg strict criteria. The results provide objective data to the clinician for the male fertility work up.

If you would like to find out more about the range of Hamilton Thorne lasers and CASA products available in the UK from Planer, please get in touch with the sales team. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

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