Smaller gauge needles are becoming the trend for oocyte pick-up as they reduce pain, bleeding and trauma to the patient. But there are other aspects that should be taken into consideration to ensure a successful procedure without damage to the oocytes.

Kitazato’s thin wall design provides a wider inner diameter with the same outer diameter when compared to other brands, this allows oocyte retrieval to be performed with a smaller gauge needle.

Kitazato’s OPU Needles are also developed with a uniform inner diameter which guarantees a continuous aspiration flow, constant pressure and speed. The result is less stress for the oocyte by removing any abrupt change in pressure.

The high-quality steel and original triple cut blade of Kitazato needles decrease the risk of injuries to the uterine lining, minimize pain and improve patient recovery after the ovarian puncture.  

Planer is the UK distributor for Kitazato OPU needles – please get in touch with the Planer Sales Team to find out more.

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