BT37 MkII benchtop incubator

The Planer BT37 benchtop incubator has become a familiar sight in many fertility clinics around the world. Since its launch in 2009 the BT37, also known as the PINC by many, more than 3500 units have been sold and installed in over 70 countries. The reliable and easy to use incubator has become a workhorse incubator in many fertility clinics, with many clinics having numerous units to culture their embryos and gametes.

The new BT37 MkII benchtop incubator combines the highly accurate environmental control and reliability of the original unit with a host of new features designed to make the unit even easier to use and fit for the modern laboratory.

The BT37 MkII retains the precision control of homeostatic conditions to provide the consistent optimum environment required for embryo development. The 2 hour battery backup remains to ensure cells under culture are protected in the event of a power outage to the clinic or laboratory.

To ensure the BT37 MkII can continue to support clinics in the future the MkII has been developed with ease of use as the focus of the design enabling the lab to work more efficiently and easily.

The new features include:

  • Touchscreen control panel for quick and easy day to day operations
  • Simplified humidification bottles system making bottle changes quicker and user friendly
  • Improved ergonomic twist lock chambers latches and soft close lids to improve single handed access to the chambers
  • Host of additional alarms and monitoring features to alert users of potential risks to their embryos and rectify the problems quickly and effectively
  • Improved access to service replaceable parts to minimise the time units are out of action for maintenance

All these new features are packed into a unit with the same small footprint ensuring the new BT37 MkII unit does not take up more valuable space in the IVF laboratory compared to the original.

Adrian Fuller, Managing Director at Planer Limited said, “The original BT37 has been the incubator of choice for many fertility clinics over the last ten years and the team at Planer hope that the new product shows our continued commitment to provide high quality and reliable equipment designed to care for patients’ valuable embryos and gametes throughout their development.”

CooperSurgical and its distributors worldwide will continue be sell and support the new BT37 MkII into the human ART market.

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BT37 MkII benchtop incubator

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