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The Bio-preservation Core Resource at the University of Minnesota is offering a new course on the emerging issues in preservation of cell therapies aligned with the fundamentals of cryo-preservation. The course includes cryo protocol development, the designing of a storage facility plus practical advice on cryo containers and equipment, reagents, regulatory issues along with clinical aspects of cryo-preservation and quality control. 

The presentation will be given in person as a course on May 21st to 22nd, 2019 in Minneapolis with a simultaneous webcast of proceedings. The lecture topics will cover:-

  • Fundamentals of cryo-preservation
  • Protocol development
  • Regulatory issues in cryo-preservation
  • Designing a storage facility
  • Containers, reagents and equipment
  • Emerging issues in preservation of cell therapies
  • Clinical cell cryo-preservation 
  • Quality control

The course material includes both fundamentals on preservation as well as emerging issues and approaches. The course is appropriate for managers of cell therapy laboratories, technicians who preserve cells as a part of their daily routine, scientists involved in the development of cell therapies, companies that produce products for the cell therapy space, repositories that store cells to be used therapeutically and related disciplines.

The class is offered in two different formats -  via class attendance or via a simultaneous webcast of the class for those who cannot attend the in-class lecture.  Lectures are recorded and attendees over the web have the opportunity to review the lectures at their convenience.

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