BrexitOn the 29th March 2019 the UK is due to leave the European Union. At the current time negotiations on the new relationship between the UK and the rest of the EU are in a state of flux but a period of adjustment after that date seems likely.

However the unexpected can happen and so we, at Planer, have contingency plans in place for an unmanaged departure. In that event:

(1) Our interactions and transactions with the UK and countries outside the EU will remain unchanged.

(2) As we have exported to 85 countries since 1973 we are well versed in tariff and customs procedures so changes regarding shipments to and from the EU under any new rules should be routinely accommodated.  We have a Customs Deferment facility under which we can import goods from around the world. Our products and components generally have low or no duties (import and export), being medical equipment.

(3)  Some of our products are registered as medical devices across the world and will of course continue to comply with UK, US, Chinese, Russian, Asian and other areas as they currently do. When Britain leaves the EU we anticipate a period of equivalence with Europe. 

Brexit contingency planning(4) None of our staff will be impacted by any potential changes to immigration policy therefore we will be working as normal here at our Sunbury headquarters, ensuring product and services are available when required.

(5) Like many UK companies we have ordered extra stocks of parts that we import from any EU suppliers and we have sufficient to meet customer demand for quite a long period. We do not anticipate problems with components or products shipped into the UK. Extra staff will be available to minimise any impact and we are working with our freight partners to make sure goods can be shipped in the most efficient way.

We hope that a satisfactory agreement between the EU and UK will be achieved and that none of our contingency plans will be necessary.  I would like to reassure all our customers in the UK, in the European Union and worldwide that the team here at Planer are confident products will be available globally just as they have been for the last 45 years.

Adrian Fuller,
Managing Director,
Planer plc


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