Since the launch of our CT37stax™ benchtop incubator in 2017, we have talked extensively to our distributors and customers, who have used the incubator, to get important feedback. Based on this information, our engineering team have been busy working on a number of improvements that are now ready to be released.

These new features will be fitted to all CT37stax™ models at no additional cost.

CT37 benchtop incubator movement controllerNEW – Soft closing incubator lids
We have added a soft close mechanism to the lid of each incubation chamber. This dampener will ensure the lid of the incubation chamber will always close smoothly even if accidentally knocked or dropped during manual closing.

NEW – Incubator Chamber Movement Controller
We have also added a mechanism that controls the speed of movement of the incubation chambers as they move in and out of the stack. The mechanism provides a smooth consistent speed ensuring that there are no sudden movement or forces applied to the embryo being cultured inside the chamber.

NEW – Improved Incubation Chamber Locking Mechanism
To reduce the risk of accidental disconnection of the incubation chamber from the stack, we have added an additional mechanical securing device to each chamber shelf to hold the chamber in place.

NEW - Reusable Humidification Water Trays
Each CT37stax™ incubator will be issued with a set of plastic humidification water trays which will last up to 4 weeks with regular refilling, however there is now the option to purchase stainless steel water trays that can be sterilised and reused.

We will of course continue to develop further improvements as more feedback is received from the market. 

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