To mark the 45 years since Planer was founded, we look back over the past four decades to see how our monitoring products have evolved over this time. 

45 years of monitoring posterEarly on in our corporate life we decided to supply other key parts of the processes that would complement our freezers: we added a wide range of liquid nitrogen supply and storage vessels, and then added level and temperature alarms and the relating software.

A logical further step was the introduction of our own temperature logging system for frozen samples in transit. A very large number of these original ShipsLog systems are still in use today. We recently launched a new ShipsLog3™, pictured above, - easier to maintain and from which to download information

Customers asked us to help them alarm and monitor many types of freezer as well as other pieces of key laboratory equipment. We introduced our wireless system, DATAssure™ (pictured here) to help keep watch on sample and operator safety at the same time as complying with HACCP, BRC, FDA and MRHA legislative requirements.

The DATAssure™ system is stand-alone and connects directly to an IT network without the need for dedicated PCs, servers or specialist software. Information from the base station can be viewed directly on the colour touch screen or via a standard web browser and on devices from PCs to tablets to mobile phones.  

The monitoring of temperature and equipment status is as important in precision incubators as controlled rate freezers and the DATAssure system will enhance the large number of monitoring systems we already have installed throughout the world.

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