Dr Carmela AlbertIVI fertility group, headquartered in Valencia Spain, treats around 5,000 couples from 80 countries each year. Lab director Dr Carmela Albert (pictured here) and colleagues published a poster at the 2018 Alpha Congress in Iceland.

The poster looked at the role of humidity in the incubation process. Dr Carmela Albert, et al, from IVI, looked at the optimal conditions in incubators for embryo culture. For many incubators, oil overlay has supported successful use of a dry incubator for culture human embryos, preventing changes in the pH and temperature.

Since in vivo culture conditions are humid the aim of the study was to know how high humidity might affect embryo development. So experiments were carried out in a Geri® incubator comparing dry conditions to humid, performing a detailed analysis with a continuous embryo monitoring system. The results strongly suggested that culture conditions with high humidity atmosphere promoted embryo development and reproductive outcome.

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