Planer Incubator Management Software (PIMS) is an easy-to-use management software suite for Planer BT37, CT37stax™ and INC-A20 benchtop CO2 incubators. The software, which can be downloaded from the Planer website, is free for all Planer incubators users.

The intuitive and user friendly suite provides the convenience of controlling multiple Planer CT37stax™ units as well as monitoring key parameters of multiple INC-A20 and BT37 incubators connected to your existing IT network with access from any connected PC. 

Why use PIMS?

  • FREE to download
  • Provides management of all the Planer incubators at a single point
  • Compatible for use with Planer BT37 and INC-A20 incubators
  • Displays real time graphical performance information for each incubator
  • Data logging of all incubator parameters
  • Allows Administrators access to full user management and audit tools
  • Provides full alarm notification management
  • Is fully regulatory legislation (CFR 21 part 11, etc.) compliant

PIMS is free to download - all you need to do is visit any incubator page on the Planer website for details. Alternatively, please feel free to contact the sales team for more details.



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