Planer recently installed the world’s first DATAssure™ alarm and monitoring system in an ART clinic in a private hospital just outside London. The system comprises of 40 sensor points monitoring their incubators' temperature and CO2 levels, their storage dewars’ temperature and liquid nitrogen levels and their cryo bank's oxygen levels.

The DATAssure™ is the next generation alarm and monitoring system to replace the original Planer DATAcentre system and was launched at ESHRE in July. Part numbers and prices for the European 433 MHz version of the DATAssure™ system will be released in the price lists shortly with the worldwide 2.4Ghz version to follow in early 2018.

The DATAssure™ system provides all of the features you would expect from a modern monitoring system, including a clear colour touchscreen, 12 hour battery back-up and up to 10 years plus data storage. Up to 150 wireless sensors monitoring a wide variety of different environmental and equipment parameters can be connected to the system providing truly independent monitoring throughout the laboratory.

For more details on the new DATAssure™ system, please contact the sales team at Planer.

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