In recent years, the regenerative medicine and cell therapy industry has witnessed significant progress in different aspects of science, technology and commercialisation. The Cell Tech Pharmed pilot site in Iran is the first authorised stem cell manufacturing centre with a 3,000 patient capacity and is the largest stem cell manufacturing site in the Middle East.

A recent documentary on Iranian TV, IRIB, showed Dr. Nasser Aghdami as he reported on the process and progress of cell therapy technology in Iran. Dr. Aghdami was the head of regenerative medicine and cell therapy in the renowned Royan institute. Several years of research there led to his use of fundamental science in clinical areas via clinical trials; the application of this science is advancing in Iran.

Dr. Aghdami is now CEO of the Cell Tech Pharmed company, established in 2014 to meet the increasing demand for stem cell therapy. The product development focus is on five major and distinct areas - systemic diseases with an underlying inflammatory and immunologic etiology which can be addressed by intravenous delivery of cell therapy for immuno-modulation; cardiac and vascular diseases where cell therapy products are being developed for both local and systemic application; orthopaedic diseases of the knee, ankle and pelvis where cell therapy products can be locally administered to potentially repair the damaged joint cartilage or generate new bone; improving outcomes of bone marrow transplantations associated with oncology or genetic conditions and lastly skin augmentation, where current methods are ineffective. Scientific support comes from co-founders of the new company, The Royan Institute and the Barakat Pharmed Company.

In the Royan Institute, research activities at the Department of Regenerative Medicine focus on similar areas with translational and clinical studies.  GMP and Quality Control for cell production, as well as isolation and culturing cells in completely sterile conditions, is of major importance in the exacting efforts to produce cells with the highest quality for cell therapy. The Royan Institute has had a number of Planer freezers over the years - and the latest, supplied by our distributor Iran Panam Company, are shown here.

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