Planer incubator 1980It's the tenth anniversary of our first concept for the BT37 benchtop incubator, which is now known around the world.  But it is not the only incubator we make. Or have made. While we are known for our controlled rate freezers, few people remember our first incubator - way back in 1976!

Looking through the archives we found a photo of one we used to sell 40 years ago. We collaborated with the then UK Department of Health and Social Services in the production of a new form of anaerobic incubator as an alternative to the prevailing jar system for the isolation of anaerobes from clinical material.  The machine - shown here - was built around 1980 and was tested by a team led by a Dr Berry from the Department of Microbiology at St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School London. It was distributed for a while by Gallenkamp who became part of Fisons Scientific plc.

With several thousand sold, the precision benchtop BT37, pictured here, has proved a boon to both the IVF industry and researchers in other fields. It was introduced in 2009 and is now found in labs and clinics in each continent of the world. With or without humidity control its market leading temperature control is also making it increasingly useful in transgenic and animal ART as well as the huge success it is in the human fertility market.

However we have not stopped innovating or developing new products. With bench space in labs at a premium we will be showcasing a new, unique incubator at ESHRE 2017 in Geneva. It is designed for the modern laboratory and has the capability of market leading volume of dish spaces in a unique small footprint.

A unique modular approach (patents pending) allows users to add units as space and throughput require and units will fit in most laboratory hoods helping to improve work flow whilst reducing the risk of mishap during transfer for inspection. And all this whilst maintaining the legendary temperature control accuracy throughout the chamber environment. Details of this innovative incubator will be available on our website, from July once the product is launched.

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