If you are looking for some modest financial support for a pet research project in andrology, the British Andrology Society now has a limited grant fund for small awards (up to £5000) towards projects relating to any aspect of male-related clinical infertility and/or basic reproductive biology.

Consideration will be given to applications that are carefully compiled, scientifically convincing and have well defined objectives. Applicants, who must be UK citizens or employed in a UK-based organization, can apply for either the November or April deadlines.

The topics can be fairly wide ranging, from Feasibility studies prior to an award-granting body, developing or improving a technique or other science communication. Would-be applicants should note that applications for travel or attending a conference would not be eligible and applications for undergraduate vacation scholarships would be considered, but would be capped at £2500. Winners will be expected to become BAS members and to provide a brief report on their research.

See the full details of how to apply in the PDF attached here or contact Prof Holt at the BAS




 And in case you didn't guess what the photo is - it is ram sperm frozen in ice (-20oC) on a cryomicroscope which was sponsored by Planer back in the 1990s !

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