When Namibia is mentioned, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful rather remote African country. With a population of just 2.1 million, and containing the large Namib Desert, the country is one of the least densely populated in the world, but it enjoys high political, economic and social stability.  So we were proud to discover that a new IVF laboratory there, based within the Mediclinic complex in the capital Windhoek, has two of our BT37 units. 

The Windhoek IVF clinic opened its doors in January 2017 with state of the art equipment in the IVF lab section. The personnel consist of top quality surgeons and scientists and it has a close liaison with the Aevitas Clinic in Cape Town, so its patients benefit from having access to the combined knowledge and expertise of the whole team for a collective opinion. The clinic started from a concept of Prof Igno Siebert and Dr Riaan van der Colf (pictured here) a few years ago, recognising that such an assisted fertility service did not exist in Namibia. Prof Siebert is a part of the well-known Aevitas Clinic in Cape Town, who also use Planer's BT37s. Prof Igno Siebert started  visiting Windhoek four times a year, consulting and performing laparoscopic surgery locally. Dr Riaan van der Colf started in a private O&G practice in 1990 in Windhoek after completing his postgraduate studies at University Stellenbosch, RSA.

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