The Pokrovsky Stem Cell Bank LLC, users of Planer equipment, is co-organising the "International Conference - Stem Cell Bio 2016", in St. Petersburg, Russia on 9th -11th of November. The Pokrovsky Medical Centre is a stem cell bank and clinic in operation for some ten years now and it is a multi-disciplinary clinic with world-class medical services for both outpatient and in-patients. Both the medical centre and stem cell bank are located in St. Petersburg, and it has offices in Tver, Novgorod and Murmansk.

Together with BioVitrum LLC - a Russian biological distributor - Pokrovsky will host "Stem Cell Bio 2016" with the theme "Fundamental Science as the basis of Cell Technologies". The organisers announce that while stem cell research has became the focus area of modern regenerative medicine and the major growth option for it via a lot of promising results of pre clinical and worldwide clinical trials, better future development of regenerative medicine needs multi discipline events between biologists and practicing doctors. Integration is required between the fundamental and applied sciences. This is the main goal of SCB 2016  - to create such a platform for exchange between the various experts in the field of stem cell biology. The scientific program will reflect current investigations in the fundamental functioning mechanisms of stem cells with themes such as:

  • Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of differentiation and reprogramming
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Haematopoietic stem cells
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Resident stem cells
  • Stem cells for modelling pathological processes
  • Cell technologies for clinical application with plenary sessions involving leading scientists from Russia, Norway, Latvia and more.

Poster sessions and abstracts are to be published in the Conference document and there will be break-out discussions on medical, legal and ethical aspects of cell products applications.

The Pokrovsky stem cell bank is the largest bank for personal and public storage of cord blood stem cells in Russia, it also specialises in gene technologies and DNA work. It has thirteen biotech laboratories, equipped to the latest standards for biological engineering; the Pokrovsky team includes 98 highly qualified specialists with 11 patents on inventions concerning cord blood cells, fibroblasts, bone marrow and adipose tissue.

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