Prof Allison Hubel and her team at The Biopreservation Core Resource at the University of Minnesota are giving a course on the "Preservation of Cellular Therapies" in September which may be particularly useful for laboratory and manufacturing directors and practitioners. 

The course aims to teach best practices for preservation of cells used therapeutically and is appropriate for managers of cell therapy laboratories, technicians who preserve cells as a part of their daily routine, scientists involved in the development of cell therapies, companies that produce products for the cell therapy space and technicians in repositories that store cells to be used therapeutically; it will be held on Sept 27-28, 2016 in Minneapolis, USA.

The course topics will cover the Fundamentals of cryopreservation, the Development of Protocol, Regulatory issues in cryopreservation and go on to the Design of a storage facility, which containers, reagents and equipment to use. Also covered will be the Emerging issues in preservation of cell therapies, Clinical cell cryopreservation and related Quality control. The Lecturers are David McKenna, MD, Medical Director, Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics Facility, University of Minnesota, Diane Kadidlo, B.S., Director of the Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics Facility, Fran Rabe, MS, ASQ, Director of Quality Assurance, Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics Facility, University of Minnesota, Ian Pope, PhD, MBA, General Director Cryosolutions Group, Brooks Life Sciences and Allison Hubel, PhD, Director, Biopreservation Core Resource, University of Minnesota.

There is a further course on the Preservation of Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Biospecimens on Sept 28-29, 2016.

For further information:
Schedule of lectures, Course 1
Schedule of lectures, Course 2



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