Cattle production in France is important and so is selective breeding - shown by the fact that in 20014/15 members of the Allice cooperatives performed over seven million artificial bovine inseminations.  The conditions for such bovine embryo growth are clearly important and a recent study initiated by Distributor IMV Technologies shows why. The study was carried out by Allice, the umbrella organisation for animal reproduction organisations in France.  The purpose of their study was to compare the potential for developing bovine embryos in two different incubators: the Planer BT37 and a standard large 'big box' incubator.

The in-vitro production of bovine embryos is a complex process requiring control over all stages of production of the embryo. These stages start with the collection of ovocytes in donor females followed by maturation, fertilisation and the growth of embryos to blastocyst stage. The comparative study showed that the frequency of development into blastocyst after 7 or 8 days of culture is not altered by whatever incubator was used but, however, the quality of blastocysts was significantly higher for embryos grown in the Planer BT37 incubator. The report says that the improvement in the quality of the embryos produced in vitro should allow improved gestation rates after transfer of fresh  embryos or after freezing and direct transfer.  In conclusion, in experimental conditions, the Allice scientists concluded that the in-vitro culture of bovine embryos in the Planer incubator improved the quality of embryos produced in relation to embryo culture in a standard incubator.

Allice is the well respected body of regional farming cooperatives established sixty years ago to coordinate the interests of the parties making up animal breeding in France. It represents and promotes the cattle, sheep and goat insemination producers in Europe and internationally and conducts research programmes into improving techniques in reproduction physiology and animal genetic selection.

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