1060 - 380 ContructionThis big beast is the largest controlled rate freezer we make.

With a huge chamber volume of 380 litres it is suitable for volume cell line or vaccine freezing and it was the latter which was needed here for freezing vaccine vials.

It controls temperature down to  -100 ºC  to ensure the integrity of its sample cargo prior to long term cryo storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures.
The proud team who constructed it are shown just before it was packed and shipped to the Far East.

The special CRF allows some 8000 vials to cool at rates of -0.01 to -5 ºC/minute; its large cooling reservoir gives extended hold times. Apart from controlled, efficient and even freezing, post thaw sample integrity (making the equipment suitable for validation) was the reason for its specification by a vaccine company.

The Planer 1060 380 has a mechanically aided top opening lid, simple programming, pass-word access and date stamp verification; these, a unique flow pattern for the coolant and special insulation all ensure even temperature control and ease of use throughout the freezing protocol.


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