TT 2014

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) visits the UK for the first time as it is being held on October 6-8th in the historic Assembly Rooms at Edinburgh.

This beautiful 18th century building, located in the heart of Edinburgh, opened its doors in 1787 and has played host to a wide range of many distinguished guests.  From royal banquets to Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows, and from ceilidhs to readings by Dickens, Scott and Thackeray.


The ISTT meeting is hosted by world-class institutions: the Roslin Institute; the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine and the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research along with the University of Edinburgh. Attendees are involved in research programs including the generation of characterisation and phenotyping in transgenics. The program should be of interest to scientists, group leaders, postdoctoral researchers, facility managers, technicians and PhD students working directly or indirectly with genetic modification.

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, who will be attending the show, have as a main aim the clearer insight into mechanisms of health and disease via examination of the three billion letters of the human genetic code. They are looking to pinpoint variants and discover how they increase or decrease an individual’s risk of falling ill. Wellcome use Planer BT37 incubators which are valued for their reliability in looking after cells because of their great precision - providing uniform heating, humidity and pH.

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