Member of our Scientific Panel Dr David Mortimer co-authored this definitive book on quality in the IVF lab - just published in its second edition, March 2015.

The book, formally titled "Quality and Risk Management in the IVF Laboratory" brings together those two topics specifically for human ART labs, focussing on prevention rather than cure. It is a fully updated expansion to the previous edition and will, no doubt, become the next essential guide for clinicians and IVF laboratory staff.


The journal Human Fertility noted of the first edition, '... well-written, the layout is friendly and the signposting excellent. There are a generous amount of photographs, tables, figures and flowcharts, all of which make the book easy to read ...'

David, pictured here explaining the section on pH recovery time in big box and bench top incubators, points out that increases in regulation have brought increased industry awareness of the need for accreditation in IVF clinics. Modern accreditation schemes are largely based on the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM), e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 15189, and related standards.  At the heart of any accreditation scheme there lies the expectation of an effective Quality Management System. With his wife Sharon, David brings together all those basics needed for such applying the principles of TQM to the ART lab, and supplies practical advice backed up with easy to understand scientific reasoning; a nice addition to the second edition is an illustrative example of a “well-run” lab.

Our BT37 bench top incubator is mentioned in the book because of the suitability of bench tops in quality conscious IVF labs. It has rapid response to temperature changes, is ready to allow continuous monitoring, and has a fast recovery of all parameters after the lid is opened. See more at

The book by Dr Sharon T Mortimer and Dr David Mortimer is published by Cambridge University Press in paperback: ISBN 9781107421288

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