It is always good to hear of success stories in assisted reproduction and this news of a birth against the odds comes from Bath Fertility - users of our BT 37 incubator (see photo). Kitty Dimbleby had numerous bowel surgical interventions as a baby, as a child and as a teenager,  stemming from her Hirschsprung's Disease. This left her with scar tissue potentially blocking her fallopian tubes. After marriage, when she and her partner struggled to conceive, the GP referred her for tests - which were cautiously positive. She commenced the not insignificant IVF process  - hormone suppressants and fertility injections - to produce eggs to be laboratory fertilised. Two viable blastocysts resulted, one of which was implanted and the second frozen. Kitty had a very difficult pregnancy: swelling and anaemia leading to two transfusions along with serious bowel problems. Subsequent tests then showed high blood pressure, liver enzymes elevated and platelets low which indicated severe pre-eclampsia. After an emergency  Caesarian section a daughter, Chloe was born -  a month early and weighing only 4 lbs 9oz.

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